We supply custom optical lenses consisting of single or multiple elements (doublets etc.) for applications ranging from a simple collection of light to precise imaging, from machine vision optics (machine vision cameras) to astronomical telescopes.

Custom lenses are available from 3.5mm to 500mm diameter, with surface quality up to 10-5 scratch-dig. We offer spherical, aspherical and freeform lens. Tight tolerances, supreme durability and a range of coatings, means that we can meet your specified requirements.


Lens Manufacturing Specifications
Commercial Precision High Precision
Diameter Ф3.5~Ф250 Ф3.5~Ф250 Ф3.5~Ф250
Diameter Tolerance 0/-0.02 0/-0.015 0/-0.001
Thickness Tolerance (mm) ±0.03 ±0.01 /
Surface Sag Ra:0.001μm Ra:0.001μm Ra:0.0002μm
Radius R5~R∞ R5~R∞ R5~R∞
Power (P - V) N=±5 N=±2 N=±1
Irregularity (P - V) ΔN=1 ΔN=0.5 ΔN=0.3
Centering /Beam Deviation (arcseconds) ≤60″ ≤30″ ≤10″
Bevel Tolerance ±0.1 ±0.05 ±0.02
Surface Quality (Scratch-Dig) 60-40 20-10 10-5
Lens Coating Capabilities
Substrates All Glass Types
Spectral Ranges 300~3000nm
Spectral Edge Tolerance <1% Deviation, <0.2% Special Cases
Bandwidth 1nm - Broadband
AR-Coating reflectivity <0.3% (Absolute); <0.2% (Average)
Laser Damage Threshold Up to 20 J/cm2@ 20ns Pulses
Durability MIL-STD-810F, Section 507.4; MIL-C-48497A, Section 3.4.1