Cutting edge technologies are applied in our design and production processes to ensure we meet the most demanding of customer requirements.


Vision Optics customers will benefit from our versatile industry-leading manufacturing processes combined with an attention to detail, to produce high quality optical components.


Coatings are a crucial part of any optical component. At Vison Optics we create highly accurate coating layers using the best available precision technology to achieve exceptional results. Whatever your application, and whether UV, Visible, NIR or IR, we have the technology to excel.

  • Anti-reflection coatings
  • Beam splitter coatings
  • Customised filter coatings including: narrow band, broad band, notch, long pass, short pass
  • Polarizing coatings
  • Highly reflecting coatings


We work with the most well regarded optical specialists of both glasses and optical plastics to source the best material for each customer component covering applications in UV to the infrared. Suppliers including leading brands such as  SCHOTT, Corning, Hoya Corporation, Ohara Corporation, Sumita Optical Glass, CDGM Glass, New Huaguan and others, each a leader in its field.


We use Zemax optical design software and Matlab/Creo to develop optical components as turnkey solutions or to meet customers’ specialised requirements. Talk to us about your requirements and our experienced engineers will work with you throughout the design and development life cycle, from early concept right through to final design, testing and production.