Innovative design and optical expertise – a winning combination

Laser welding machines are becoming more and more poplar due to the many advantages they have over traditional cutting and welding machines. However, the growth potential within this field has proved extremely attractive to manufacturers looking for new opportunities.  This in turn has created a very competitive arena with very little differentiation between products.

When considering the purchase of a welding machine customers are looking for equipment that will create strong, visually perfect seams, even in instances where the small size of components mean that magnification is required during the welding process.

In order to provide welding machines with this level of precision manufacturing a quality product is paramount. Yet to be successful in such a crowded market, manufacturers need to be price sensitive in order to stand out from the comparable products out there.

The difficulty is to maintain quality and healthy profit margins at the same time as lowering the price to the customer. This was the dilemma presented to the team at Vision Optics by a manufacturer producing laser welding equipment.

In the current laser welders available on the market individual laser protection filters and separate laser mirrors are integrated into the head viewer to deflect the laser beam away from the operator’s eyes.

The Vision Optics welding system with combiner optics>

To meet the client’s brief the experts at Vision Optics needed to provide a solution that would streamline the optical configuration without affecting the clarity of the image seen by the operator.



The projected image seen using the Vision Optics head viewer

To this end the optical team re-imagined the present design and created a high quality optical combiner. The introduction of the single combiner as a replacement for the old filter and mirror system not only meant savings of up to 35% on the optical elements of the head viewer but led to an easier manufacturing process.

This is just one example of how the experts at Vision Optics have come up with an ingenious design to achieve a better quality product for their customers.  If you are looking an innovative optical design contact us.